The Magic we all Believe In

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The greatest place on earth
The greatest place on earth
Disney has always had a way to make you believe in the magic. From the movies to the books to the adventurous theme parks. The magic lives on. Disney World and Disney land is my favorite place on earth. It brings back to you the imagination of a child. We create memories that help us to keep that imagination alive throughout our everyday lives. The greatest thing I have noticed at Disney World is that everyone who enters the gate turns into a child again. The child within takes over and you are in a land where imagination runs free and life becomes simple, The lines don’t matter, the crowds although sometimes irritating, seem to melt away when you let the desire for adventure take over. Life is simple. You don’t sweat the small stuff. This is the one place that you KNOW your DREAMS will come true. This firework show puts it all into perspective, at this moment it is right before the park closes and everyone stops, everyone slows down for the first time all day, everyone stands still, at this moment we turn to the sky to see something spectacular. As the first song starts to play, you become completely inspired, you feel that you can do anything in the world. Then the first Firework goes off you feel instant gratification, for life, love and abundance. You understand the power of taking the time to BE. At this moment you know that you can always keep the magic alive.

When Dreams Come True

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Our Home

Our Home

For all our lives we have dreamed of owning our own home. We are so excited to have a house to make a home. A place where memories will be made and dreams will be created. We talked about what we want our home to be, the atmosphere we want to create and the way we want people to feel when they enter the doors, and what they take away with them.

In light of that we decided to write our “Family Cree” If you will. So here it is:

Let This home be a shelter from the cares of the world.

Let the song in our hearts be our stories unfirlled.

In our every dream let us be free to believe.

As the gifts we’ve been given we gratefully receive.

As you enter these doors, know that you are loved.

For you’re a gift to the world sent from heaven above.

Let you remember this place as you stay near and go far.

That in this home you are accepted for the person you are.


Our home is open to all. Inspired by my Grandmother, we believe that when you enter our doors you are family, you are accepted for who you are and free to be you. We will love you for that person.

Todd and Whit

When you love someone.

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When you Love someone, it is amazing the life you live. The joy that fills your soul every minute of every day. I am blessed, for every day I look into the eyes of the man I love, I see my other half, I see my greatest fan, I see my dreams coming true. When you love someone, you feel like you can do anything in the world, because you will always have someone standing by your side pushing you when you need it and cheering you on as you succeed.

I am so blessed to love someone, and to know that he loves me back.


Hello world!

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